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Our body scanning and measurement solution

Blu Manta offers its bluMeter and bluSizer solutions on any device with a regular camera such as smartphones or tablets.

With bluMeter, easily scan a person in a few seconds and instantly get a 3D mesh along with customized body measurements such as lengths, circumferences, or even volumes and surfaces.

With bluSizer, effectively tackle the problem of product returns during online shopping. Customers can easily get their clothes at the right size from a few pictures, once and for all. The environmental impact is huge!

BluMeter/bluSizer comes as a SaaS. A companion example app allows you to easily integrate the shooting process and API calls within your own mobile app. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific requirements, we can provide adaptations of our service to suit your needs.

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Our vision

At Blu Manta, we believe e-health should not merely preserve the human bond but bring it forward.

Our simple yet powerful solutions leave all technical challenges to machines while putting in everyone's hand new tools that radically transform how care is and will be given out. We open up new perspectives that matter for medical professionals, patients, and fitness enthusiasts.

Meet the leadership team

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Co-founder Research scientist

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Co-founder General director

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Co-founder President

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Dr Marc-Olivier

Scientific advisor Orthopaedic surgeon

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