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Who are we?

We are Blu Manta, a software start-up that augments vision and hearing of electronic devices.

"Well, it sounds nice. But what do you do exactly?"

We develop product-grade software suited to electronic devices, such as the next generation of AI-based depth map technologies, which provide more accurate results and less artefacts.

At Blu Manta we believe that deep learning cannot be dissociated from the platform where our software runs. That's why we collectively master a deep knowledge of the entire stack, from the concept of the algorithm down to the integration on the target device.

Our expertise

Our engineering team counts more than 50% of PhDs, thus innovation means something to us. We wrack our brain to provide intelligent and lightweight solutions to problems such as:

3D reconstruction, depth sensing, 3D audio, audio-visual scene analysis and image enhancement.

We are also quite serious about algorithm optimization; neural network simplification and quantization; workload repartition between CPU, DSP and GPU. An example? We run algorithms as complex as 3D reconstruction on embedded platforms at high frame-rates.

0+ y

of cumulated experience in embedded signal processing & machine learning

Our markets

We embed intelligence on portable user devices to:

· Enhance ·


· Ease ·


· Sustain ·


· Assist ·

Industry 4.0

Our clients and partners

7 Sensing Software
Schneider Electric

Meet the team

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Co-founder Research scientist

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Co-founder General director

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Co-founder President

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Dr Marc-Olivier

Scientific advisor Orthopaedic surgeon

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